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About Me

My name is Grayson Dolata, I am a freelance photographer/videographer, with experience and knowledge using Adobe Applications such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, Premiere Pro and Illustrator. My background is a little unorthodox as I went to school for Biology but fell in love with my camera while traveling on holiday. 

I have a great understanding of the outdoors and I am fueled by my passion to capture each moment so it isn't just a fond memory. It is important to me to constantly be learning and to apply what I have learned through my coursework and professional development.

My desire for knowledge and determination has contributed to my most recent success, as I got two photos published into the online Italian Issue of Vogue, Vogue Italia. Since then I have worked closely with locally owned businesses, creating promotional pictures and videos. As well as working closely with local real estate agents providing still pictures, aerial pictures, aerial videos and interior videos.

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